Semicircular [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Semicircular:

It terminates to the north in an arch and a semicircular apse in brick.

The door has eight panels besides the semicircular one at the top.

It was widest at the upper part, where it was semicircular, while the bottom was cut off straight.

The roofs are throughout of dark panelled wood and semicircular in shape.

Naturally it prepares an entrance; the form of this is semicircular.

The semicircular couch round the stern had cushions of crimson plush.

This consists of a semicircular band, which can revolve around a column.

At each gate there is a semicircular enclosure, forming a double wall.

The Bay of Biscay is a well-known example of the semicircular gulf.

Bow-fronted and semicircular panels are jointed in a similar manner.