Seminar [noun]

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I was sitting in a small room where a seminar was being conducted.

Another less perfect parallel is the relation of the members of a German theological "seminar" to their professor.

A report, for instance, which he read before Brentano's seminar was published by the University.

After seminar hours the group would foregather at our house to plot as to ways and means.

The editor of the campus daily saw their point of view—I am not sure now that he was not a member of the seminar.

I remember Carl's seminar the following spring—his last seminar at the University of California.

He had started with nine seminar students three years before; now there were thirty-three.

Teachers and parents can meet in these seminar rooms and discuss school questions.

The ideal plan would be for this room to adjoin the university library like a seminar room.

He pointed to the books and said, "I have just been having a seminar here, in Danish literature."