Semitropical [adjective]

Definition of Semitropical:

abundant, luxurious

Synonyms of Semitropical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Semitropical:

Sentence/Example of Semitropical:

Before them was a semitropical forest from which at any moment might crawl—death.

It has the features of a semitropical climate; here the flora of northern and southern provinces meet and overlap.

In tropical and semitropical regions there are mammals, some of them quite large, which feed upon insects.

Sugar-cane is grown in tropical and semitropical countries all over the globe.

It was a day which only those who know tropical and semitropical seas can understand.

The vultures of India and semitropical countries are of immense value as scavengers.

They are used to semitropical heat and to hard work in bad conditions if there be only hope ahead.

In absolute silence the trio walked through the semitropical grounds to the court-house.

On the plain grew giant sequoia, cypress, juniper, and other semitropical trees.

The one thousand or more known species are distributed over the tropical and semitropical regions of the entire world.