Senates [noun]

Definition of Senates:

governmental body, most often elected, that makes laws

Synonyms of Senates:

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Sentence/Example of Senates:

The challenges before us will be thrashed out with the House and the Senate.

Nothing else can be appealed to in the field, or in the senate.

In 1844, he was elected to the State Senate from the Franklin district.

Mr. Rice made the closing speech on the School Bill, in the Senate, on the 24th.

At Lanuvium there was a society known as the "Senate of Women."

The report of the committee was submitted to the Senate on January 18, 1886.

In this death-struggle of the realm the senate showed courage.

He placed him in the senate, the first time that the bishop had sat there.

You say that conspiring with the senate I have excommunicated you.

He paced his chamber in an agitated spirit, and panted for the Senate.