Senatorial [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Senatorial:

A gentleman from Alabama who walked in a presidential, but ran in a senatorial, race.

When the Senatorial party had landed, Steve had been one of the committee of entertainment.

It was not only their senatorial utterances that had weight: their least gesture had it also.

And Juggins went out of that senatorial mansion a sadder and a wiser man.

Wait, however, until the senatorial committee has made its report.

The governors of the senatorial provinces were divided into two classes.

The duel grew out of the Broderick and Gwin senatorial contest.

Swayne, as well as Busteed, was an aspirant for senatorial honors.

The faces of the kneeling Cornari are grand, simple, senatorial, and devout.

But it led to inconveniences in the course of their senatorial duties.