Sensationalism [noun]

Definition of Sensationalism:


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Sentence/Example of Sensationalism:

The publishers objected to the title because they saw in it a touch of sensationalism.

Here, then, is a statement of facts, divested of all emotion or sensationalism.

Locke cannot be truly regarded as the author of sensationalism any more than of idealism.

It must aim at getting a majority on its side, and this it can only do by sensationalism.

There is, indeed, another side to their sensationalism which should be noticed.

For the first time in their lives they moved in the rich glamour of sensationalism.

Sensationalism in art, as in literature, no doubt has its uses.

But this is a statement which can only be proved on the principles of sensationalism, and never has been proved.

They traffic in sensationalism, carping criticism, and abuse.

I hesitate, because I fear that in saying it I shall be charged with sensationalism.