Senselessness [noun]

Definition of Senselessness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Senselessness:

Sentence/Example of Senselessness:

Tell them of the foulness, of the cruelty, of the senselessness of it all.

That you may not suffer for your own senselessness, and may not harm others by your folly.

It was this senselessness of feeling that first brought the jarring of the truth to him.

To say nothing of the inhumanity, the senselessness of duelling revolts me.

For it does not admit of sobriety, nor does it induce the senselessness of pure wine.

It strikes me as ludicrous—even pathetic in its senselessness.

The senselessness of it was growing on him with his increased confidence.

But if reason sets him revolting against this senselessness?

Simply because the shame and senselessness of it reached the pitch of genius!

But in spite of this, governments in their efforts to maintain their independence rush to the greatest extremes of senselessness.