Senses [noun]

Definition of Senses:

feeling of animate being

Synonyms of Senses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Senses:



Sentence/Example of Senses:

His senses breathed the air of her perfect and compelling femininity.

An hour ago he had whirled her out of her senses in savage passion.

What was there in this cross girl to remind any one in his senses of Mrs. Evan Roberts?

"Of course I do," I cried angrily, wondering for the moment if he had lost his senses.

In spite of herself her senses swam in the rhythmic monotony.

We determined, at length, to bring the black to his senses, and I had him seized to the windlass.

It was all done so quickly that he had only now come to his senses.

You will love me when you return to your senses; then how can I be angry with you?

Mr. Vincent began to imagine that the poor fellow was out of his senses.

Before she returned, Lady Delacour had recovered her senses.