Sensibilities [noun]

Definition of Sensibilities:

responsiveness; ability to feel

Synonyms of Sensibilities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sensibilities:

Sentence/Example of Sensibilities:

She felt no alarm lest she wound the sensibilities of the girl.

The sensibilities of the class you are attacking are soon blunted.

And a mightier touch awoke his sensibilities—the touch of nature.

The sentences smote him between the eyes of his sensibilities.

I had previously had no idea that their sensibilities were so akin to ours.

The detectives had been punctilious to avoid ruffling the sensibilities of any and all.

There too the acutest of our sensibilities to suffering reside.

I continued, startling his sensibilities again with the noise of the snapper.

But Ruth's sensibilities were too shocked to feel the accusation.

His sensibilities were deadened to any catastrophe of the flesh.