Sensibility [noun]

Definition of Sensibility:

responsiveness; ability to feel

Synonyms of Sensibility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sensibility:

Sentence/Example of Sensibility:

The value of candour in individuals should be measured by their sensibility to shame.

Nature has been too kind to you for your happiness, your delicacy, your sensibility.

If a man is amiable, and if I have taste and sensibility, I must see and feel it.

The charm of sensibility he had told me was to him irresistible.

Alas it must be so—even were I to fly to him, my sensibility could not support the scene.

Now we know by sensibility, by understanding, and by reason.

All the Middle-aged Ladies, wiping away the tear of sensibility.

Neither of them had natural tact, and Godwin's sensibility was morbid.

I really did not—I wish I had seen such a pleasing proof of your sensibility.

If she possessed any sensibility she must have felt some pain at thus.