Sensibly [adverb]

Definition of Sensibly:


Synonyms of Sensibly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sensibly:

Sentence/Example of Sensibly:

I own to you that my pride and my tenderness are sensibly wounded.

I was handsome, and my vanity was sensibly tickled by the metamorphosis.

"I am glad to hear you speak so sensibly, my young friend," said the Scotchman, kindly.

Some progress is sensibly made in it; yet not so much as I had hoped and expected.

It is a sort of expostulation with the Duke, but mildly and sensibly expressed.

But Mary talked too sensibly to incline him to make light of it.

As to the preternatural gifts of these hags, he sensibly argues: 'Alas!

One might as sensibly swear to keep the wind in the south, or the sun from setting!

Do lower the carrot, gentle Liberty, and let us talk nicely and sensibly.

As his tormentors had sensibly relaxed, he was able to take steps for his own security.