Sensitive [adjective]

Definition of Sensitive:


Opposite/Antonyms of Sensitive:

Sentence/Example of Sensitive:

"Now you are angry with me," exclaimed the sensitive maiden; and she burst into tears.

For a man's heart is sensitive in proportion to its greatness.

Had Cornelius been sensitive, he must have felt he was omitted.

Her sensitive nostrils dilated, her brain worked like a machine.

He was a sensitive man, and did not realize that others were sometimes as shy as himself.

If your wife was sensitive, you would kill her with your gloomy fits.

This pointed out to him that the wire might be sensitive to sound when in a state of fracture.

He was sensitive about all those chins, and the general bulk which accompanied them.

He's so alone, and he's very proud and sensitive, because he feels his loneliness.

Her hair was soft and plentiful, and her hands were fine, strong, and sensitive.