Sensorium [noun]

Definition of Sensorium:

central nervous system

Synonyms of Sensorium:

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Sentence/Example of Sensorium:

No doubt your suggestion was crystallised in some corner of my sensorium.

Neither does it lie in a plane which is vertical or horizontal to the sensorium.

Occasionally it arises from mobility of the sensorium, induced by plethora, or by excessive debility.

The last shred of life, the "sensorium commune" was severed and The Brain was dead.

The sensorium is ‘unreceptive,’ so the idea does not reach consciousness.

Man is the sensorium commune of nature, the point at which all values are interchanged.

These sensitive, impression-receiving ends constitute together what is called the "sensorium" of the body.

They are the work of external stimuli impressing themselves upon the sensorium as upon a mechanical register.

Mysticism is produced by the combustion of the gray vascular matter in the sensorium—the thalami optici and the corpora striata.

Whoever would seek mind as the directing power, must look beyond the sensorium of the bee for the source of all we behold in them!