Sensualist [noun]

Definition of Sensualist:

sexy person

Synonyms of Sensualist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sensualist:

Sentence/Example of Sensualist:

To see a man eat sensually is to know how great a sensualist he is.

The sensualist has brutified the seraphic nature with which he was endowed.

He was a sensualist in all ways, but a great and self-educated scholar.

She was no sensualist, longing to drowse sleepily in the lap of luxury.

It may lead, in the soul of the infidel or sensualist, to the idolatry of art.

He was vulgar, he was brutal, he was a sensualist in his desire for all that wealth could buy him.

He was the most celebrated khsh guzern (sensualist) in Tehran.

But he was too young and too vivid, and too romantic, to be what is called a sensualist.

The case of the sensualist is somewhat similar to that of the drunkard.

From that instant it addresses the sensualist and the idler.