Sensuous [adjective]

Definition of Sensuous:

gratifying to senses

Synonyms of Sensuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sensuous:

Sentence/Example of Sensuous:

Matter may really be considered as our sensuous misreading of the spiritual.

No, the spiritual ought not and can not be free from the sensuous, even the sensual.

He wanted the very life of beauty to take the place of sensuous suggestion.

In Venice there had long been a love of objects for their sensuous beauty.

Especially the sixteenth century ran riot in sensuous worship.

Their whole conception and practical understanding of it is sensuous.

This is why I have always been so much drawn to the French, who are so æsthetic, so sensuous.

She chose those poems the least sensuous, and the more abstract.

The other was not for the sensuous nature, but for the moral.

He yielded, body and soul, to the sensuous miracle of the steam, and slept.