Sent [adjective]

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As for this new edict, it will prove a rebounding arrow, striking him who sent it.

And don't you say to any one else that I ever seen him or sent you there.

I know all about that, and who was the means of having him sent away.

What a dangerous character you'd be if you were sent to match silks!

You've sent Briggs off, and I've all that packing and unpacking to do.

I afterward sold their horse, and sent them the balance of the proceeds.

Kate's anxieties, when she at last hinted them to Malbone, only sent him further into revery.

Sent her back her letters—with a tickler to herself on her conduct.

It was sent back then to the lords, and finally passed by them.

He sent up to beg leave to wait upon me—I wonder at his assurance—!