Sentencing [verb]

Definition of Sentencing:

decide punishment

Synonyms of Sentencing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sentencing:

Sentence/Example of Sentencing:

Just think of sentencing a woman to the penitentiary for talking.

The colonel, who was tired of sentencing the man, said to the sergeant: 'Here he is again.

Undoubtedly the Senate had not the power of sentencing citizens to death.

What is the good of sentencing him to a fine of a thousand crowns?

The judge, sentencing the first four, gave them seven years' imprisonment.

Did Mr. Horace Smith tell you in sentencing you that he was doing what he had been told to do?

Then, Princess, will you relieve us by sentencing him yourself, as you best will?

This is both a sentencing of him for, and to evil, and is in it self a grievous Curse.

Hence it was love that prompted his action in sentencing Adam to die.

The effect of sentencing Adam to death was to render all of his children subject to death.