Sentience [noun]

Definition of Sentience:

animation, spirit

Synonyms of Sentience:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sentience:

Sentence/Example of Sentience:

The same is true of the sentient object so long, and only so long, as I do not take its sentience into account.

But to take the sentience into account is to sympathize, or at least the sympathy is implied in the normal or only possible case.

The Horus Stone, as though endowed with sentience, fell and rested where it had rested five thousand years before.

She knew well the meaning of the bonnet which actually seemed to quiver as though it had a sentience of its own.

At that, the other sentience which shared the body with Mayhem snickered and lapsed into silence.

Could it be that the powers of Nature which had been revealed to me in the dread hour had not only sentience but purpose!

And the old car—that to us had always seemed to have a personality and sentience—had it been dreaming, too?

But the data of the immediate are hardly human; it is probable that at that level all sentience is much alike.