Sentimentalism [noun]

Definition of Sentimentalism:


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Sentence/Example of Sentimentalism:

Philip was getting into a dangerous mood with his sentimentalism.

Dreaming wanes into sentimentalism, and sentimentalism is fatal to action.

The gush of sentimentalism which had carried her away had only made her more alluring.

The excess of sentimentalism had given rise to the other extreme of naturalism.

His sentimentalism had apparently not quite passed from him.

It was neither the time nor the place for any show of sentimentalism.

Then came your opposition to my crusade against the sentimentalism of the day.

Let who will call this sentimentalism, it is none the less hard fact.

He was hearty air to them after the sentimentalism they had been hearing.

He defends Malthus against the 'execrations' of sentimentalism.