Sentimentality [noun]

Definition of Sentimentality:


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Sentence/Example of Sentimentality:

This scene of sentimentality was not at all what she had come for.

The student wants enthusiasm and inspiration rather than sentimentality.

The beast affected a sentimentality to which he must be a stranger.

I half-yielded to the impulse of sentimentality and turned to him appealingly.

He says it, and undertakes to prove it by the convincing logic of sentimentality!

Archie's tone was charged with the sentimentality of his years.

And William Blake becomes all this without the least tincture of sentimentality.

In short, there is no room for sentimentality about the village life.

Is it just sentimentality, old wives' tales, or is she right?

I began to protest in a torrent of patriotism and sentimentality.