Sentimentalized [verb]

Definition of Sentimentalized:

make nostalgic

Synonyms of Sentimentalized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sentimentalized:


Sentence/Example of Sentimentalized:

With a mind at ease, I now set myself to sentimentalize with Mdlle.

I am not going to sentimentalize over my copy, for how much of it have I read?

Miss Watts never tried to sentimentalize their relationship.

She would not sentimentalize even her own suicidal renouncing.

What a pity that I feel much more in mood to fish than to sentimentalize!

And I don't want you to sentimentalize any of the things you see in New York.

Why don't you sentimentalize his helpless, overworked horse?

He could not sentimentalize the tones, nor falsify the values.

It does not occur so often in Europe that one may not sentimentalize about it without the charge of affectation.

But Uncle John was a brave fellow, and worked on without stopping to sentimentalize.