Sentiments [noun]

Definition of Sentiments:

emotion, belief

Opposite/Antonyms of Sentiments:

Sentence/Example of Sentiments:

The thoughts of the men of that day were as practical as their sentiments were patriotic.

With these fears, and these sentiments, I was now to choose a wife.

It was but within these few hours that I have been undeceived by you as to his sentiments.

I thought I was speaking your sentiments, and that I must be right.

An instrument in harmony with the sentiments of an assassin.

Mr Sparkler's sentiments as to the plan were, in brief, that it had no nonsense about it.

As in all his sentiments, as in all his sensations, there were mingled in it diverse elements.

Your sentiments on that subject, as they are on every subject, are just and noble.

When I have no events to relate, still I must write to convey to you my sentiments.

I have reason to believe that his sentiments are the same for me; but of this I am not yet certain.