Sepal [noun]

Definition of Sepal:

whorl on flower

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Sentence/Example of Sepal:

In one flower of the last-named species the perianth consisted of one sepal only, and one lip-like petal placed opposite to it.

Petal and sepal are ‘stone-colour,’ warmed, one cannot say even tinged, with crimson.

White of sepal and petal, with the vast magenta-crimson lip of Hardyana.

White or palest rose of sepal and petal, the latter marked with purplish lines at the base.

The colour of sepal and petal pink, the throat yellow, the spreading disc magenta-crimson.

Harrisoniae in colour and size of sepal and petal; in general shape and in the hues of the labellum after L. purpurata.

Large, very broad of sepal and petal, pale yellow, blotched and spotted with brown.

In other flowers the sepals have grown together so they appear to be only one sepal.

It is thus used of the edge of the disk of the sun or moon, of the expanded part of a petal or sepal in botany, &c.