Separated [adjective]

Definition of Separated:


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Sentence/Example of Separated:

She was legally a wife, and could only be separated from him through convicted shame.

So soon as they reached it, Indians separated into two bodies.

She had two letters in one hand, which she had separated from the others.

They swayed, then separated as though they had been torn apart.

Thus they were separated,—Ben and his wife,—never to meet again on this earth.

(b) Explain how the yolk and the white of an egg may be separated.

With acute precipitancy he was separated from the currency that had come to him.

We have separated them by falsehoods, and I am not only ashamed, but so angry with myself it makes me ill.

So he done it, and they separated and the dervish started off again with his forty.

So they shook hands good-bye, and separated and started off again.