Separates [verb]

Definition of Separates:

remove something from group; keep or set apart

Synonyms of Separates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Separates:

Sentence/Example of Separates:

The gulf which separates parents and children is one which the parents must cross.

Such is the situation of a woman who separates from her husband.

Where, truly, in man, is the line that separates courage from cowardice?

Would you know the measure of the interval which separates them?

And how enormous is the distance which separates the just from the unjust in regard to pleasure and pain!

He separates the righteous from those who must forever be sundered from their God.

Nor have they ever been answered, nor can they be answered by any one else who separates the phenomenal from the real.

I wish—I hate to think I am the cause which separates you two.

It separates the individual from all party, and unites him at the same time to the race.

Its differentia is that which separates it from the unit of common humanity.