Seppuku [noun]

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Now my readers will understand that seppuku was not a mere suicidal process.

Seppuku (hara-kiri) is the mode of suicide adopted amongst Samurai when they have no alternative but to die.

Hara-kiri, or seppuku, is the term applied to suicide among the samurai class.

More usually the Japanese themselves speak of hara-kiri by its Chinese synonym, Seppuku.

This view of mental physiology once admitted, the syllogism of seppuku is easy to construct.

The glorification of seppuku offered, naturally enough, no small temptation to its unwarranted committal.

In the earlier days sentence of seppuku (cut belly) was a common reward for open misconduct.

Now, my readers will understand that hara-kiri, or seppuku, was not a mere suicidal process.

But if you do not enjoy it, I shall commit hara kiri, or seppuku, which is the polite name.

The physical agony of "seppuku" was, therefore, very brief, lasting but a few seconds.