Sepulcher [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sepulcher:

Then, covered by a mourning robe, they visited the Church of the Sepulcher.

His monument also, and sepulcher, are in the city of Gabatha.

They came to see the sepulcher and were bringing spices in their hands.

At the call of the Life-giver, he that had been dead came to the door of the sepulcher.

At this sepulcher they were not only devout, but also merry.

This was at the sepulcher, very soon after the resurrection.

I knew that they felt as I felt: the laboratory was a sepulcher!

They differ as to the number of women who visited the sepulcher.

They differ as to the number of persons in white seen at the sepulcher.

We might ask where the clothes came from that he wore after coming out of the sepulcher.