Sepulchral [adjective]

Definition of Sepulchral:


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Sentence/Example of Sepulchral:

Be that as it might, Richard Digby was well contented with his sepulchral cave.

"Senator Palomba," said Felice's sepulchral voice from the door.

"Sit where you are, girl," commanded the gypsy in sepulchral tones.

This sepulchral monument the Thebans decked with ornaments before the battle.

"Sally Baker," returned Ben, in as sepulchral a voice as he could command.

Fyne was beginning to swear at him in low, sepulchral tones when I appeared.

"I don't know that he is so tame," was Mr. Jones's remark, in a sepulchral undertone.

And bury my misery,' he added in a tone so hollow and sepulchral that you or I had laughed.

"I can promise you that," I attempted to assure him in weak, sepulchral tones.

Such was the fate of the seven occupants of this sepulchral chamber.