Sequestering [verb]

Definition of Sequestering:

isolate, seclude

Synonyms of Sequestering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sequestering:

Sentence/Example of Sequestering:

An undertaking of such scope was too big to sequester in any man's back yard.

And would not every one be able to assign the reason why Clarissa Harlowe chose solitude, and to sequester herself from the world?

But beyond the pledgee and the sequester (a receiver appointed by the court) these exceptions are unimportant and disputed.

They could bequeath their goods without having him sequester an outrageous part.

He seemed rather peculiar, and perhaps it would be just as well to sequester him as far off as possible.

Mrs. Proudie would come upon him in such a case as that, and sequester his living.

We decided that somewhere we should find a suitable wooded nook where we could sequester ourselves for the night.

The hand, which he makes use of to sequester ancient rights, and to open a way to the desert over the fruitful land.

But Clear, as I may call him, was very violent, and quite justified Mrs. Clear's desire to sequester him.

Why has Judith chosen this particular time to shut up her flat and sequester herself in Paris?