Sequestrated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sequestrated:

He gave me the right to sequestrate his pay by way of surety.

He accordingly issued a peremptory order to sequestrate every copy in Italy.

But if he escape conviction, you must sequestrate the living because of the debts.

Not sequestrate the income of a man who has been proved to be a thief!

I have not yet handed him his cuffs, which I have ventured to sequestrate on the ground that they are spotted with our ink.

He refused to receive messages and proceeded to sequestrate Veris property, including his crops and cattle.

To use his influence over Major Dabney to sequestrate, absolutely sequestrate, a full third of our property!

Grimes had hinted to his friend how easy it would be to sequestrate this money without Morrell knowing it.

Any scheme to sequestrate, to hide it under a bushel, or to put it under lock and key, is a shallow device.

Revolutionary committees every where sequestrate in the gross, in order to plunder in detail.