Sequins [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sequins:

But his holiness, the papa, might choose to charge one sequin for it.

I am satisfied with your abilities, go on, and here is a sequin for expenses.

"No, mam," he said dejectedly as he assisted Mrs. Sequin to alight.

"Well, we can't find him," said Mrs. Sequin with resigned cheerfulness.

"Tell her to wait," said Mrs. Sequin without turning her head.

"Close the door, Myrtella," Mrs. Sequin said as they entered.

Mrs. Sequin's existence, if restless in town, was trebly so in the country.

The course of the sequin throughout is given in the table on p. 316.

The 'Sequin Box' never came into requisition, nor is it likely to do so.

Then I gave him a sequin, on the clear understanding that he should never utter a word again to me concerning you.