Serape [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Serape:

Then you don't want to look like a Spanish brigand, as you do in that serape.

He kept his face concealed with his serape quite up to his eyes.

He drew the boot from beneath his serape and laid it before Clarence.

I was assisted by the landlord of the posada, who had risen, and was stalking about in his serape.

He had mounted her upon one of the mules, and covered her shoulders with his serape.

A serape was passed over each of us, and we were blinded by tapojos.

"Then you must have this," said the older woman, finding comfort in wrapping her in her own serape.

It was the pieces of the serape, which Ignacio had picked up.

The serape, worn by men, was the native substitute for the overcoat.

Raul rolled the man over and removed the serape from his face and chest.