Seraph [adjective]

Definition of Seraph:

good, righteous

Synonyms of Seraph:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seraph:

Sentence/Example of Seraph:

On the contrary, hope with seraph wings fanned him blissfully.

I am not perfect, by any means: and really, I feel oppressed by the company of a seraph.

He replied, 'Madam, the kalmia has precisely the colours of a seraph's wing.'

For Tommy has the face of a seraph with the heart of a hardy Norseman.

Mrs. Shaw entered, no longer the seraph of twenty months ago.

The Arabs name it the seraph, and indeed, that is the origin of its now best-known English name.

It was The Seraph who spoke at last, his hands clasped across his stomach.

Our friend had The Seraph between his knees, and was gazing at the back of his head.

The Seraph stood like a rumpled robin where she had deposited him.

"If he could see a lady-worm he'd like," stipulated The Seraph.