Seraphic [adjective]

Definition of Seraphic:


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Sentence/Example of Seraphic:

Nat endeavoured to assume a seraphic expression, and partially succeeded.

John could have choked him, but he answered: "Yes, it is seraphic."

Only thirty-seven when he died, his seraphic beauty was never marred by age.

The sensualist has brutified the seraphic nature with which he was endowed.

She gave me a seraphic smile, as if she knew what was passing in my mind.

These were the kind of seraphic pleasures he took in living.

“Two can play at that game,” replied Bladud, with a seraphic smile.

Dodo's face suddenly assumed an expression of seraphic interest.

The man at her side, minus any doves on him to mar his seraphic smile, is myself.

There was, for instance, Augusta's look of seraphic innocence.