Serenaded [verb]

Definition of Serenaded:

carry a tune with one's voice

Synonyms of Serenaded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Serenaded:

Sentence/Example of Serenaded:

And while I dreamed I was serenaded by a band of mosquitoes.

We serenaded them with college songs and offered refreshments.

They had a band and serenaded him in the White House until he came forth.

There were rockets, and portfire, and a huge bonfire, while the President was serenaded.

In the evening he was serenaded, and his speech was two lines and a half in length.

The two of them came back together on the night we were serenaded.

None of that fretful weeping with which they serenaded me last week.

Newly-married couples were serenaded before it ever had an existence there.

On Christmas mornin' we serenaded de marster's family an' dey gived us fruits, candy an' clothes.

Choirs, in Welsh and Scottish costumes, serenaded the procession.