Serenader [noun]

Definition of Serenader:

person who can carry a tune

Synonyms of Serenader:

Opposite/Antonyms of Serenader:


Sentence/Example of Serenader:

If you were an Ethiopian serenader, you would be a loss to me.

Then night came: the maja stood at her reja10, looking out for her serenader.

It was a picture of Sherry, the serenader of the camp the summer before.

She took the persistent one, Wilbur Minafer, no breaker of bass viols or of hearts, no serenader at all.

It was now acting and re-acting on the lining of the serenader's olfactory organ in a manner to threaten final decapitation.

Gleason himself, as we have seen, had taken prompt measures to satisfy himself as to the identity of the serenader.

Then the music ceased, and the tinkling of coins on a plate proclaimed the status of our serenader.

He attends to his work with all his might, and strikes up a noisy song, to the infinite displeasure of the serenader.