Serenades [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Serenades:

The sonata was finished, and then she sang—sang the "Angel's Serenade."

However, some demon prompted us to give them a midnight serenade.

Among others the midnight serenade at Mrs. Truscott's had been repeated.

On one occasion a group of singers came to their cabin, and treated them with a serenade of plaintive music.

Serenade for old Epps Candage's girl—handed to her over his head.

After a time the Serenade began to get upon the nerves of all the room.

It was they who gave us the dulcimer, the hautbois and the guitar; it was they who invented the serenade.

If any one came, he fled like a lover surprised in his serenade.

It was the first time he had succeeded in being alone with her since the night of the serenade.

Every evening they met, as they phrased it, to serenade the Marquess.