Serenading [verb]

Definition of Serenading:

carry a tune with one's voice

Synonyms of Serenading:

Opposite/Antonyms of Serenading:

Sentence/Example of Serenading:

Show me the way to this breakfast that you've been serenading about.

Eddy, isn't that the serenading fellow who goes on singing till they hang him?

The seniors had arrived and were serenading the Major and his family.

Do you suppose that he was serenading Pina, the serving-woman, or Ortensia her mistress?'

But they were used to this serenading music, and did not regard it.

Then Beckmesser approaches for the purpose of serenading Eva.

I only understood that serenading was the custom of the country.

Only the Bamboo-cutter went out to thank the lords for their serenading.

He tied a brick to the tail of one that was serenading him, and it stopped at once.

That fellow is serenading us now, declared Neale, much amused.