Sergeant [noun]

Definition of Sergeant:

person in law enforcement

Synonyms of Sergeant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sergeant:


Sentence/Example of Sergeant:

Sergeant Wilde was met on his entry into the town by almost the whole population.

We would do anything in our power for Sergeant Wilde and for the cause, but we cannot starve!'

"We're beaten, it seems, already," he cried to the sergeant.

Then he turned to the sergeant, who was smoking philosophically.

He asked for a corporal or a sergeant who could write and stand fire at the same time.

Tell him your grandmother was the sergeant's Mary Ann and your father was Sami.

Dick was at the head of the column with Colonel Winchester and the sergeant.

The wisdom of putting the regiment into the hands of the sergeant was now shown.

While they lost the trail now and then, he saw the sergeant recover it in the openings.

Sergeant Whitley was by the lad's side, and he glanced at him now and then.