Serial [adjective]

Definition of Serial:

in continuing order

Synonyms of Serial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Serial:

Sentence/Example of Serial:

But the whole of active life is a serial and coordinated business.

It's a serial story, and will be continued in our next issue.

He turned to the serial story and began to read the synopsis.

The night bombarder has been telling me this yarn in serial form.

Suppose my serial story should be accepted and they should send me a check.

The only information you're required to give is your name, rank and serial number.

He went over to the autofile and punched St. Simon's serial number.

I was frank, and told her about my serial stories and Phil's typing.

The breaks in the e-text represent the 22 installments of the serial version.

There Colney left them, for the next instalment of the serial.