Serials [noun]

Definition of Serials:

regular publication

Synonyms of Serials:

Opposite/Antonyms of Serials:


Sentence/Example of Serials:

I like serials and I hope that you will always have two in each issue.

In many offices the names of papers, magazines, and serials are not italicized.

In his young days, Mr. Lowell wrote much for the newspapers and serials.

Challis was in the habit of inventing horrors for serials, and had had some success.

I enjoy the novelettes more than either the short stories or the serials.

The serials are all right, but a month is too long to let the hero or heroine suffer.

I like serials only if they do not get boresome; and a lot of them do.

I'm all behind-hand, and serials can't wait; so deny me to everybody, Mary.

Except for the serials, these annotations are not intended to be complete.

At least two for each installment of the serials and two for each long novelette.