Seriously [adverb]

Definition of Seriously:

not humorously

Opposite/Antonyms of Seriously:

Sentence/Example of Seriously:

Even in antiquity the wiseacres took our royal buffoon too seriously.

Demarest was seriously disturbed by the situation that had developed.

His lower orders are all food for comedy or farce: he will not treat them seriously.

He was seriously injured, but was stated in a London paper of August 21 to be out of danger.

He was seriously wounded, and fell into the hands of the enemy.

“I am seriously ill,” he muttered to himself with scientific insight.

My reading in the bible, now, was not for the stories, but seriously to improve my mind and morals.

"I agree with you that the sooner you get home the better," he said, seriously.

Seriously, Belinda, is it my fancy, or is not Clarence wonderfully changed?

"I should not think you would want to do that," said the girl, seriously.