Sermonize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sermonize:

It did not seem to her worth while to censure or to sermonize.

There was not an island of the sea in which he could lift up his voice and sermonize; Mrs. Eddy's command covered "this" planet.

He does not sermonize to them, he does not attack them or their enemies; he merely speaks to them as their friend.

Dear Alan, it tires me more to sermonize, than it bores you to be forced to listen; but what would you have?

Mrs. Eddy was very wise in not allowing her "readers" or followers to sermonize or explain her writings.

They will dance a good deal, sing a good deal, make love, but sermonize very little.

You used occasionally to sermonize too; I wish you would, in charity, favour me with a sheet full in your own way.

Indeed, liberal preachers have largely ceased to sermonize about Him, just because it has become so easy!

"If you are going to sermonize me, the moment is ill chosen," replied the lieutenant, sulkily.