Sermons [noun]

Definition of Sermons:

instructive speech with a moral

Synonyms of Sermons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sermons:


Sentence/Example of Sermons:

It is not intended to make this a book of sermons or exhortations.

Twice her father called her to bring his sermons, but she only answered, "Yes, father!"

Author of many volumes of sermons and the hymn "Lead Kindly Light."

His overbrooding silence, as it were, is more eloquent than sermons in brass.

He preached six sermons on the evils of tobacco, and every one was hotter'n the last.

To-day Esther Tidditt told me that she had understood me to say the sermons were 'rot.'

They are to have the sanction of laws and the effect of sermons.

But his strength waned so quickly that he was able to complete only one of the sermons.

He wanted a place to meditate in, walk up and down, think out his sermons.

We have a good many; ministers like to see their sermons in print.