Serrate [adjective]

Definition of Serrate:


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Sentence/Example of Serrate:

The cone-scales are very small, but the bracts are large, thick, and serrate.

The serrate pines on my horizon are not the pickets of a great pen.

If not entire it may be toothed, serrate (sawlike), crenate or wavy.

The leaves are opposite, elliptical, serrate, with short stalks.

Its leaves are large, flat, oval or oblong, with serrate edges.

The leaves are nearly round, with a sharp point and a serrate margin.

The leaves of black gum are simple and alternate; not serrate.

The four prominent triangular edges of the latter are very thin and broad lamell, finely dentate or serrate.

Bos recognized the serrate tops of the Pyrenees and was filled with joy.

They may be serrate or crenate, doubly or singly divided, glandular or glandless.