Serviceability [noun]

Definition of Serviceability:

compassion, generosity

Opposite/Antonyms of Serviceability:

Sentence/Example of Serviceability:

On the other hand, its serviceability is much diminished by the special opportunities it gives a few individuals.

It must be admitted that the leather-covered books have the appearance of strength and serviceability, but not of beauty.

Experience in the use of these volumes only emphasizes their serviceability, attractiveness and cheapness.

The ground of survival in the selective process is fitness for pecuniary gain, not fitness for serviceability at large.

By and large, the measure of their serviceability for his ends is the measure of their technological competency.

The plan finally adopted had at least the merit of modesty and some degree of serviceability.

Her hands are marked by sun and serviceability; could you succor a sick horse in gloves!

It is for this reason that earth roads often exhibit great differences in serviceability even in a restricted area.

For, like Bruckner's, they appear chosen with an eye to their serviceability for contrapuntal deformation and dissection.

But probably no one better than she understood the serviceability for disguise of a heavily figured white-lace veil.