Serviced [verb]

Definition of Serviced:

correct, improve, fix

Synonyms of Serviced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Serviced:

Sentence/Example of Serviced:

The planes are all serviced, said Batten, who had just walked along the line of planes.

Entering the garage, the girls saw that the car had been serviced.

The tankette had of course never been serviced after the battle.

Record on the chart the date you serviced the motor and what was done.

There were holds at regular intervals, something must have been serviced by workmen in here.

Most of them were automatically repaired and serviced, while the permanent machines ran on through the ages without care.

Recalling the motorcraft which apparently had been serviced by the island raft, Brad became increasingly uneasy.

The country was to be divided into seven areas, each to be supplied and serviced by one manufacturer.

There were many, many times more than her air apparatus and reserve tanks could possibly have serviced.

The car itself is serviced at Army vehicles pool; nobody could hide anything in it for a confederate to pick up outside.