Serviette [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Serviette:

I carried it with a knife and fork and a serviette out on the verandah.

He unfolded his serviette with fingers which shook all the time.

"I'm repeating a well-beloved name," she smiled and rose, folding her serviette.

Shulgovich got up and placed his serviette on the arm of his chair.

Place the pack face down on the table and cover it with a serviette.

You then lift up the side of the serviette nearest to you and at once produce the card.

He drew his serviette across his mouth, and a smile flickered in his eyes.

Percival threw down his serviette and started up to meet her.

Then suddenly he jumped up, and slapped Smith on the back with a serviette.

The doctor, serviette in hand, glanced up with an inquiry in his grey eyes.