Serving [noun]

Definition of Serving:


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Sentence/Example of Serving:

Such butter, of course, cannot be used for serving on the table.

(a) What is the advantage of serving milk or cream with cereals?

But then one rarely does in talking to a waiter when he is serving you.

A bird remarkable for the catholicity of its appetite and serving to illustrate that of ours.

She seemed to be serving in a temple, making it clean and fragrant in the name of love.

Evidently the fastening was serving him better than he had dared hope.

While doing it, too, with the purpose of easing and serving her.

All kind of work is a serving, but it may not be always Christian service.

So with praying to and thanking God, do you call that serving God?

That is the divine service; that is the reality of serving God.