Servitors [noun]

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All genius now is, at its best, but a servitor—well or ill fed.

Sin-gashid, of Uruk, servitor of Lugal-banda and Nin-gul, 95-6.

As was usual when he or any other servitor was in attendance on Waring, the reward had been munificent.

There could be no higher honor than to be the servitor of this man's lady.

They were interrupted at that moment by the servitor, to whom the reader has already been introduced.

The word for "his servitor" (m'chartho) is used also of Joshua.

George Whitefield, a servitor at Pembroke in 1732, also shared his rooms with others.

Whitfield was a servitor, and the father of the Wesleys also.

He threw his rein to a servitor, and hastened to his chamber.

Deyroclych is Daoroglach, and is the Gaelic rendering of Servitor.